The Vanilla library is my attempt to bring together a bunch of my reusable and interesting code in a manner that allows simple reuse without a lot of external dependencies.

Quick Start

The Vanilla library is available via the Bintray JCenter repository.
For Gradle:

compile 'com.stehno.vanilla:vanilla-core:0.6.0'
For Maven:

Browse the API documentation and User Guide to get a feel for what features are available and how to use them.

Interesting Features

Along with various helpers and utilities, Vanilla contains a few larger functional features:

  • ObjectMapper - simplifies mapping of objects from one type to another.
  • ResultSetMapper - simplifies the mapping of `ResultSet` data to objects.
  • ObjectMatcher - provides a DSL for determining the equivalence between objects.
  • PropertyRandomizer - facilitates the generation of random object instances for testing.
  • ResultSetBuilder - allows easy creation of mock `ResultSet` objects for testing, via DSL.