Getting Started

Support and Requirements

Effigy is built using Groovy 2.4.0 on top of Java 8. The tests are all run against an H2 database and I have also used it to develop under a PostgreSql database. The generated SQL is intended to be standard so the framework should work against any standard SQL database. I would be happy to list any others - if you are using a different database, let me know and it will be listed.

Setup for Development

If you want to develop features or fix bugs in the Effigy library, clone the repository and run:

./gradlew build

There no extra configuration or dependencies required at this time.

Setup for Use

If you want to use the Effigy library in your project you will need to add the effigy-core library as a dependency and then read the rest of this guide (and probably the unit tests) to learn how the annotations are used.

Currently only pre-release builds are available on Bintray. You will need to add a reference to the repository; for Gradle, this would be

repositories {
    maven { url '' }

Alternately, you can build it yourself and install it locally using mavenLocal() in your Gradle dependencies. You can build and publish the development artifact using:

./gradlew build publishToMavenLocal

Then add it to your dependencies:


The most stable method at this point is to build it yourself, since the current codebase may or may not be reflected in the published build.