About Me

Good code is an art form, and like any good art, it's worth sharing.

I have been developing software professionally for close to two decades now, and have always been striving to help others with guidance, advice and good open source code. Not to say that everything in my public repo is "good", but at least I can hope that it might be useful in some fashion. If nothing else, it's always been a hobby that has allowed me to step outside the corporate-imposed boundaries of software development; sometimes, you have to go and play with the new toys.

What I Do

In both my personal and professional life, I tend to be a generalist, dabbling in a little of everything, but here are some of the key areas that I like to spend time on:

  • Java/Groovy Development
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript Development
  • Gradle/Maven Build Systems
  • Learning & Exploring Technology
  • Writing Technical Content
  • Spending time with my Wife
  • Healthy Cooking
  • Walking & Hiking
  • Reading & Watching SciFi

A Few Projects

Many of my projects start out as an experiment or proof-of-concept, and never really progress much farther than that. I often call my GitHub repository, "the place where my projects go do die", but that's not entirely accurate, since there are a handful that I continue to spend a lot of time on. Some people have a beat up old car in their garage that they work on from time to time - these are mine:

Vanilla Libraries

My contributions to the piles of miscellaneous reusable utility libraries. This is a fairly recent addition to my collection, but it's starting to take shape into some generally useful components.


The most recent (and hopefully last) incarnation of my technical blog. It's mostly experiments in technologies and short posts to help me remember how I solved a problem. I try to post something at least monthly, but sometimes more, sometimes less.

Gradle Natives Plugin

Gradle plugin to aid in managing native libraries associated with Java-based projects. I developed this while playing with game programming in Java, and it seems to have picked up a few users so I try to at least keep it working.

Effigy Entity & Mapper Framework

An experimental Groovy-based layer on top of the Spring-JDBC providing additional functionality based on standard usage patterns and scenarios. It provides a simple means of generating CRUD methods with simplicity inspired by the Spring-Data JPA project.

Contact Me

The best way to get in touch with me is via email or via one of my social media pages (listed below). I am always open to suggestions about projects or things to write about, and I am pretty active on StackOverflow.com so feel free to throw a question link my way if you think I can help.